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Tarnerland Nursery School is for children from 3mths to 5yrs, it is funded by the Local Education Authority in partnership with the Council’s Children’s and Family Services and is part of the Tarner Children’s Centre. The nursery has a long established reputation of providing quality early education and care which we are delighted to maintain, reflected in our recent Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ grading (link to report),  this is particularly pleasing as we have to meet the strict criteria of a full school inspection –  our success is due to the outstanding practice of our well qualified and experienced staff, which includes 6 teachers, 2 EYP’s and 20 Nursery Practitioners . The Headteacher has a long career in teaching and her deputy – The Nursery Manager has a vast experience in Children’s Services.


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    27 February 2021
    Nursery full re-opening
    27th February 2021 Dear Parents and Colleagues Earlier this week we heard the plan for gradual lifting of lockdown in England. This is something we can all look forward to but we need to continue to follow the guidance as the restrictions can only be lifted if we keep the virus under control. While we are certainly moving in the right direction, we have to remember that we’ve come down from an extremely high position and there’s still a way to go. Prevention is still crucial and we are still in a lockdown. The first stage on the governments roadmap of recovery is for schools to re-open and so it is with great pleasure I am able to say Tarnerland will welcome everyone back with full opening hours from Monday 8th March and operate in the same way as it did during the Autumn Term leading up to Christmas. All children will return to the same sessions as before the January lockdown within their age group bubbles. There are many children in the nursery who are due to move to the next age group in the summer term. To keep everyone as safe as we can, children and staff in each bubble do not mix, (staff moving around the building wear masks and respect social distancing). Therefore the usual visits before a move to the new room, with their familiar Key Person are unable to take place; to compensate a little we will close on the day before the beginning of the Easter holiday on Thursday 1st April (Good Friday is 2nd April) enabling ‘transitioning’ children and parents to visit the nursery and meet their new Key Person in the outdoor environment, close to their new room. We will use the first two hours of the day for these visits and the rest for staff training, we would be very grateful if you can make yourselves available for these morning slots - individual times will be sent to the families involved. NB The whole school will be closed for INSET on Thursday 1st April. We have 2 new receptionists starting in March, Alice covering the mornings and Kirsty covering afternoons. To ensure everyone’s safety, they must be aware of everyone entering the building and be able to inform staff who is on their way to them. It is therefore very IMPORTANT ……… You say YOUR name AND your CHILD’S name EVERYTIME you come through the gate, looking at the camera / microphone to your right as you enter - do this even if the gate is open letting others in. PLEASE do not let others in as you leave unless you have heard them do this. PLEASE make this a habit. Many thanks and best wishes Julie
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    12 January 2021
    Message from Tarnerland
    Dear Parents and Carers Whilst I know we didn’t want to find ourselves once again in this difficult position, I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for following the key message of the ‘Stay Home to Saves Lives’ announcement from the Prime Minister. You may have read or heard Brighton and Hove city council’s announcement last Wednesday 6th Jan for all the council nurseries and the two Maintained Nursery Schools (which is us and the Royal Spa) to only be open for the children of critical workers and those from vulnerable families. We support the need for us all to play our part in stopping this virulent infection; it is being clearly reported by medical professionals and SAGE advisors that this new variant is between 50 and 70% more transmissible. That means you are much, much more likely to catch the virus and to pass it on. We know from national and local news coverage and the PM’s announcement that ‘ our hospitals are under more pressure from COVID than at any time, since the start of the pandemic. In England alone, the number of COVID patients in hospitals has increased alarmingly. And that number is 40% higher than the first peak in April. During the first wave of the pandemic Brighton and Hove suffered less badly than many other parts of the country. Unfortunately we know that this isn’t the case this time, as numbers continue to rise across the South East, causing immense pressure and trauma to our local hospitals, which are now close to reaching capacity. The rates of infection continue to rise at an alarming speed and across all age groups, overwhelming hospital staff and facilities. Brighton and Hove infection rates have rocketed to over 700 per 100,000! I know that very many of our families will be trying to negotiate the truly difficult path of continuing to work from home while catering to the physical and emotional – let alone educational! – needs of young children! We acknowledge and understand how demanding this is, but I feel confident the sacrifices you are collectively making, recognising your moral duty to Stay Home and Stay Safe with your children to eradicate transmission, will be appreciated by our extremely hardworking and overstretched NHS staff. For all those NHS workers fighting this pandemic, we are indebted to you! I am optimistic that once the vaccines start to roll out the situation will begin to change. I do hope that the government start to understand the importance of vaccinating school staff to put an end to school closures. If you feel the same here is a link to a petition to prioritise teachers and childcare staff for Covid-19 vaccination. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/554316 The sooner these staff are vaccinated the quicker we can get back to normal. Whilst we do not have the warm summer months on our side I would like to stress the importance of everyone’s wellbeing during lockdown. In a recent tweet, author Matt Haig offered up a few do’s and don’ts to help us get by. “Get up. Get a routine. Get outside when you can. Move more. Focus on the day in front of you. (Not the month or year.) Don't live inside hypothetical catastrophes. Focus on what you can control. Even if it is your breathing. Don't beat yourself up for not baking banana bread.” Please remember, it is a time to stick together - look after each other. Stay at home with your children, stay safe, and look after our community PROTECT THE NHS. We are hopeful Brighton will have some decline in the numbers contracting and transmitting the new, far more contagious strain of Coronavirus as we see the effects of everyone ‘Staying at Home to Save Lives’. With all this in mind, we would need to plan for the next few weeks, therefore if you have critical worker status and feel mixing with others is a risk you need/want to take before the situation is safer than it is at present then please complete the survey which will follow this letter. Please be assured we will update our arrangements as the situation changes, for now we encourage you to keep your child safely at home for as long as you can and we will be in contact again soon. With very best wishes and Stay Safe Julie
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    5 January 2021
    Tarnerland update
    Dear Parents and Carers Following the announcement from the Prime Minister last night, you will already know schools have been asked to only open for children of vulnerable families and critical worker’s and offer online learning. However we are still unsure of the arrangements for Maintained Nursery Schools and await further guidance from our local authority. It is highly likely that we will remain open in some form and we will confirm the organisation of this as soon as possible. Any arrangements will take into account the safety of children and the high ratio of adults in each environment required to care for them, with regard to managing the risk of this new highly contagious strain of Coronavirus. This will also include if there are enough staff to safely open within the EYFS ratios. As there will be significant disruption for staff whilst the above provision is put in place, we propose that the children of critical workers and those of vulnerable families have priority at this stage. I ask that you put other arrangements into place tor this week and next as this will give us time to review our risk assessments, take advice from the local authority and agree a plan of provision for the remainder of this half term. My priority is that Tarnerland is a safe learning environment for all children and staff, whilst mindful of repeatedly being told the NHS is close to being overwhelmed as hospital admissions rise rapidly as the new strain of the virus is spreading at 50-70% faster than the original. In Brighton the rate of infection has risen from 500 to over 600 per 100,000 in just 2 days and with the announcement last night that ‘Schools are vectors for spreading the virus’ it is extremely difficult to understand how nurseries can remain fully open without the same risk. The rest of the country are being told to stay at home, with the priority to keep everyone as safe as possible and reduce the rate of infection, so can I ask that we do the same for at least the rest of this week and next week, when I will be in contact again. I appreciate this is difficult for lots of families especially after a school holiday. I thank you all for your patience and understanding With my best wishes

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