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Tarnerland Nursery School is for children from 3mths to 5yrs, it is funded by the Local Education Authority in partnership with the Council’s Children’s and Family Services and is part of the Tarner Children’s Centre. The nursery has a long established reputation of providing quality early education and care which we are delighted to maintain, reflected in our recent Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ grading (link to report),  this is particularly pleasing as we have to meet the strict criteria of a full school inspection –  our success is due to the outstanding practice of our well qualified and experienced staff, which includes 6 teachers, 2 EYP’s and 20 Nursery Practitioners . The Headteacher has a long career in teaching and her deputy – The Nursery Manager has a vast experience in Children’s Services.


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  • Medical
    3 March 2022
    Living with Covid at Tarnerland
    Dear Parents /Carers This is the Government’s published plans for living with Covid : From Tuesday 22nd February • Routine twice-weekly asymptomatic testing for staff and pupils over the age of 11 in mainstream provision should cease. • Routine twice-weekly asymptomatic testing for staff and pupils over the age of 11 in in SEND settings, alternative provision settings, and SEND units within mainstream settings should continue From Thursday 24th February • There is not a legal requirement to self-isolate with a positive COVID-19 test result, although the advice is to stay at home and avoid contact with other people. It is good public health practice to say at home if you are unwell with Covid or any other respiratory illness. • It is not necessary to test daily or self-isolate following contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Until 31st March • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should avoid contact with others and complete a PCR test, if the test is positive, stay at home and avoid contact with other people. What does the change in Guidance mean for us at Tarnerland? TARNERLAND’s LIVING WITH COVID PLAN The NUMBER ONE priority remains the safety and well-being of all members of the Tarnerland School community. We continue to ask for your support with this at the current time. Preventative and Supportive Measures • We will continue to support children to sanitise / wash hands regularly. • Masks will still to be worn. • We will continue to encourage anyone with Covid symptoms not to be in nursery and to seek a test. We will not be ? • expecting children or staff to test regularly. NB. For up to 3 months after you have had Covid it is not advised to take an LFT test. What happens if my child is unwell (with the recognised symptoms) or has Covid? Please • Take a test- either LFT or PCR. • Inform the nursery. What happens if my child has Covid- how long will they need to be off? There is no legal requirement to self-isolate with a positive test, however at Tarnerland we are asking all parents to consider the safety and well-being of all members of the school community and therefore request everyone to: • Contact the nursery and inform us if your child has Covid and how you know this (LFT or PCR) • Not come into nursery if you or your child have an infectious disease When can children return? The recommended period to stay away is : • At least 5 days- only returning if feeling well enough. • Or within 10 days. We are asking you please to keep children at home for 5 days, returning after this time if they are well. You can choose to keep them home if they are positive using a LFT on Day 6/7/8/9/10. Recording: We will be recording Covid as the reason for the absence, if we are provided with the information sent to you when registering the test results (if LFT) or sent to you following a PCR test. SYMPTOMS OF COVID MAIN SYMPTOMS The main symptoms of coronavirus are: • a high temperature– this mean feeling hot to touch on chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature) • a new, continuous cough– this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (for those who often cough, it may be worse than usual) • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste– this means unable to smell / taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal Most people with coronavirus have at least 1 of these symptoms. WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS If you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus: 1. Get a PCR test to check if you have coronavirus as soon as possible. 2. Use of LFT test to check if you have coronavirus. With many thanks on supporting the whole nursery community. Julie
  • Important
    2 January 2022
    Update for January 2022
    COVID UPDATE FOR THE RETURN TO TARNERLAND IN JANUARY 2022 (written January 2nd 2022) Dear Parents A very Happy New Year to you all, I send my good wishes as we begin this new year learning to adapt to life with Covid ! At the time of writing there remains little changes to the advice already given and the arrangements we already have in place. The biggest change is around the isolation period for those who test positive. If your child tests positive please contact the nursery to inform us and we will give you the information required before they can return. The most significant impact on the nursery is likely to continue to be reduced numbers of staff due to testing positive and self-isolating or caring for Covid positive dependents. We will always make the upmost effort to keep the nursery open, using all staff available (although agency staff are also in short supply,) ensuring children are safe by maintaining the correct ratios. Please be assured that having children at nursery is our priority and if on any occasion we ask you to keep them at home it is our very last option and one we try extremely hard to avoid. We are expecting to see some further updates from the Department of Education and the Local Authority in the coming weeks as the situation becomes clearer once schools and nurseries return and everyone returns to work. As soon as I have any new information I will pass it on to you. We will continue to: • Follow and promote public health guidance on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19. • Maintain the importance of our hygiene measures, including hand washing, encouraging children to sneeze into the fold of their arm (or tissue) and not into the air, and touched surfaces are regularly cleaned. • Keep the indoor environment well ventilated and use our outdoor spaces as much as possible. • Staff to undertake twice weekly LFD testing and use face coverings in communal areas. • Firmly request that anyone over the age of 11 entering the nursery site WEAR A FACE COVERING. • Ask PLEASE DO NOT send your child to nursery if they are unwell. • Contact you when your child is unwell at nursery, if they are showing Covid symptoms we will ask you to take them home and not return until a negative PCR test result is received or the recommended isolation days are followed. • Please contact the nursery if your child tests positive for Covid- so that we can monitor cases and inform others if required. • We request just one person drop off /collect your child, ensuring there is as much space as possible between yourself and others and to leave the site as swiftly as you can. Updates that refer to everyone will continue to be posted https://www.tarnerland.brighton-hove.sch.uk and through the PING app. Information to smaller groups will be via PING With my very best wishes for 2022 Julie Plumstead (Headteacher)
  • Newsletter
    17 December 2021
    Happy Christmas to all
    Dear Parents We thank-you for all your very kind messages and gifts and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year. You will be pleased to know that the final amount we raised for Children in Need was £146.20, thank-you everyone for your generosity. Early in the New Year we will send home the next group of photographs reflecting some of the learning and development your child has been doing over the past half term at nursery. The Carers and Creators (3-4year olds) will bring their Learning Journey books home for the weekend so you can look at them together. It is good to share your child’s development journey, so please talk to us about what they are doing when not at nursery – we love to see photographs too!! If it is easier to send please use office@tarnerland.brighton-hove.sch.uk We look forward to seeing you all in 2022, we have training and a time to meet new Key Children on the morning of Tuesday 4th January but will be open as usual from 1pm on that day. With our warmest wishes The Tarnerland Team’
  • Important
    30 November 2021
    Covid update
    Dear All COVID UPDATE - IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS AND STAFF RE-INTRODUCTION OF MASK WEARING We are trying to keep everyone as safe as we can in the knowledge of the new Omicron variant, and increasing COVID-19 cases particularly in children, therefore we request that all parents and staff return to wearing masks at ‘meet and greet’ times, parents please be wearing a mask as you enter the nursery gate. Staff please wear masks in communal areas of the nursery. We will contact parents to take children home if they have any COVID symptoms, and request a PCR test to be carried out or for the child to self – isolate for 10 days. LATERAL FLOW TESTING – FOR STAFF PLEASE continue to test at least twice a week. On Sunday night (so we know everyone is clear to work on Monday), and Tuesday night (so we know everyone is clear to work on Wednesday). Can I also suggest Friday evening- after work (to ensure you are clear to mix with your friends and family). Not logging these tests online is fine, we all just need reassurance that the colleagues we work with are Covid negative. Agency staff to show evidence of a negative test taken the same day at reception or they will be given one to do one as soon as possible after arrival, they need to start work at scheduled time. The result of the test taken at the nursery to be shown to the room leader, masks to be worn until results of a negative test are shown. OTHER ILLNESS Thank you to everyone who keeps going with a range of other illnesses, or changing their hours to support us on difficult days as we try to arrange cover, particularly as agency staff are in very limited supply. Thank you everyone for your continued support.
  • Event
    12 November 2021
    Raising money for BBC Children in Need
    All children (and staff!) are invited to wear their pyjamas to nursery next Tues and Thurs and make a donation of £1.00 to Children in Need - lets join in the fun and raise money too.
  • Reminder
    12 November 2021
    Closing 3.30, next Weds 17th Nov for staff training
    Reminder the whole nursery will close for staff training at 3.30 next Weds 17th November.
  • Newsletter
    21 October 2021
    Letter to all parents
    Dear Parents We are delighted to have almost completed the first half term of the school year, it is wonderful to have all the children back and to be able to chat to parents as you drop off and pick-up in a similar way to pre-covid times!!! There are the usual cold weather germs around, made worse as so many of us have been protected from them for the last couple of years. We ask that children stay at home if unwell to prevent the spread of these germs and often it’s the only place they want to be! The guidance continues to be that anyone with Covid symptoms needs to have a PCR test or self- isolate for 10 days. If the test is negative, then children or staff members can return when feeling well enough. You will find dates for the whole year at the end of the updated Prospectus on the school website. https://tarnerland-brighton-hove.secure-dbprimary.com/brighton-hove/nursery/tarnerland/staging/pages/prospectus?designMode=true The dates include closures for meetings and staff training, we have chosen a variety of days and times across the year so that different sessions are affected and we hope reduce the effect on parents as much as we can. You will also find the winter menu in ‘Parent News’ which commences on November 1st https://tarnerland-brighton-hove.secure-dbprimary.com/brighton-hove/nursery/tarnerland/staging/pages/parentnews/lunchmenu We are delighted to welcome Kathy to the admin team who will support Jo our Business Manager with admissions, thank-you for your patience over the last few weeks as the new team have got to grips with all they have to do. Our two receptionists will now share / alternate the morning and afternoon sessions. I am sure you all know that Tarnerland is a Maintained Nursery School and is inspected by Ofsted in exactly the same way as any maintained primary or secondary school. Maintained schools have a headteacher, teachers and a governing body. Governors have interest and responsibility for ensuring the school provides the very best for the children it serves. We would welcome any parent who may have an interest in this role and is able to spare time to make two meetings a term, we would be very grateful to hear from you. With warmest wishes Julie
  • Reminder
    20 October 2021
    October Half Term next week
    Dear Parents and Carers at Tarnerland, A reminder that 25th - 29th October is the half term break. The Nursery will be closed for all children who receive funding: - children in the Carers and Creators group - children in the Players and Pretenders group who receive 2-year funding The Nursery will be open for: - all children in the Lookers and Explorers group - children in the Players and Pretenders group who are not 2-year funded - children in the Carers and Creators group who have pre-booked Holiday Club For all children attending this week, please remember to bring a healthy packed lunch with an ice pack. Please remember that lunches should not contain nuts of any kind, including pesto and peanut butter. For all other children, we look forward to welcoming you back after the half term break, week beginning 1st November. All best wishes,
  • Important
    12 July 2021
    Please read attached
    Please see attached letter from , Deb Austin Executive Director ,Families, Children & Learning and Alistaire Hill Director of Public Health in Brighton and Hove
  • Reminder
    25 June 2021
    Protection re: Covid variants
    Dear Parents Due to the fast spreading Delta variant of Covid, particularly in Brighton and Hove, we are reminded to continue our vigilance. Please see attached a letter from the Brighton and Hove Director of Public Health AND the Government guidelines we all need to follow to control the spread of this new threat.( PLEASE READ SO WE ARE ALL REMINDED HOW TO PROTECT EACH OTHER) NB: We will continue to ask you to collect your child if they have one or more symptoms and the guidance then asks you to get a PCR test. New guidance this week states any close contacts of a confirmed Covid case are also to seek a PCR test even if not displaying symptoms We will ensure staff displaying symptoms also follow the guidance, even though all have had their first vaccination and many both, in addition each member of staff completes flow tests twice weekly to detect asymptomatic carriers. I am so sorry to be sending this information out again – just as we thought we could begin to relax restrictions. We are very mindful of how difficult this can be, particularly when you are working but we need to follow the guidance in what I hope is the final phase in controlling this pandemic. My very best wishes Julie
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