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Tarnerland Nursery School

Tarnerland Nursery School provides care and education for children from 3 months - 5years. We are extremely lucky to have a large garden, shaded by many trees, (known as 'The Meadow') which is used as an additional playing/ learning environment for all. Tarnerland has been on this site for almost 100 years, opening as an open air nursery in 1933. Less than 20 years ago the buildings were completely refurbished and a new extension built includng a purpose built space for 12 babies - (The Lookers and Explorers) the two adjoining rooms., include a quieter sleeping area, changing space and outdoor decking. The 2-3year olds (The Players and Pretenders) use 'The Meadow Room, a very light and spacious building constructed in the last 5 years giving 20 children an idealic environment with decking on the south and west sides overlooking the meadow with a view of the sea on the horizon. The oldest and largest group of children (The Carers and Creators) use the majority of the ground floor of the main building, with access to a playground from most rooms. These children enjoy free flow between all areas, meeting with their Key Person in their own group space at regular times throughout the day.

Our Environment

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Photos of the different environments can be found on each age group page in our menu. 

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